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About Greg Z-BOX
The Z-BOX started about ten years ago. Teresa Vito wanted an easel not too heavy, not too big. So I got to work and I made a box that weighed about 6 1/4 pounds. It is 6" tall, 13"3/4 wide and 13 7/8" long. It comes in two parts, the bottom part weighs 3 lbs and provides a place for storing brushes and paints. The top is 3 1/4 lbs, and is the easel where you place your canvas and the palette which attaches to a tripod. It also has two slots for panels 12" wide with room for another odd size . The palette slides out for more room for brushes and turp can, etc.
​The Z-BOX is made of engineered birch plywood and sealed with an oil finish.The straps are made of leather. Cost $300.00 plus shipping.